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Changing Seasons....

With the sudden change in our weather it reminds me that sometimes things change suddenly in our lives. Sometimes we don’t think about changes in regards to our insurance for months.

What changes have you made this summer?

  • Bought a new car?

  • Added a driver to your policy?

  • Bought a boat or RV?

  • Added on to or remodeled your home?

  • Added or replaced a deck?

  • Get a new job at higher wages?

Any of these things could create a change in your insurance needs, making it a great time to do a free insurance review. You know any time you have a change, you may want to shop your insurance. What seems like a small thing can make a big difference in your insurance rates.

I often see price sensitive clients come into my office trying to save money. I take a look at their policies and see that some well-meaning telephone sale representative has already reduced their limits and put them at risk trying to save a few dollars.

It’s not just about trying to find a better price, it is all about making sure you have the proper coverage at the best price! It is easy to see how people fall into the trap of trying to save a dollar or two… but, at what price long term. Taking advice from someone that doesn’t know your situation can lead to disaster.

An insurance review is free, no obligation and only takes a few minutes.

Feel free to stop by, call or click here to start the insurance review process.

Enjoy the season!

Jeff Mays

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