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Why We Have 13 Insurance Companies to Choose From?

It wasn't always that way. When I first started in the insurance business I had one company that I worked with. With only one company I found that I could help about 16% of the people I talked to. Many people had issues that my one company wouldn't work with- young drivers, accidents and tickets, claims history and even where you live can keep a company from insuring you.

When I became an independent Agent I started to seek out some great insurance company partners. Companies that are solid both financially and in our markets. I decided that I would never sell for a company that didn't have an AM Best rating of A, that has led me to cancel contracts with a couple of companies. But, financial stability is important you my clients and to me.

So, today we have 13 companies we work with. I know there are a couple of mergers coming in the next year that will take us down to around 10 companies. We are always on the look out for new companies that become available. The recent addition of Encompass Insurance and Allstate are a great example of companies we are picking up to help our clients.

To answer the question: why do we have so many carriers? Well, it is to give you the best choice and to keep you from having to shop around. We do the shopping an bring you the best deals to meet your insurance needs!

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